Revving Up for Fuse 5 (with Jamie Cavanaugh) – Episode 131

Podcast: Broker-to-Broker (LS 38 · TOP 2% what is this?)
Episode: Revving Up for Fuse 5 (with Jamie Cavanaugh) – Episode 131
Pub date: 2022-08-30

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Join Marc Summers and guest Jamie Cavanaugh for a very special episode of Broker to Broker. This week, the two get excited for the upcoming Fuse 5, which kicks off in just four weeks. This year’s Fuse is bigger and better than ever – listen to Marc and Jamie’s chat to learn more about what you can expect from the world’s premier mortgage event. 

Jamie Cavanaugh is well-known in the wholesale channel – the broker/owner of Amerifund Home Loans is an inspiration to anyone working in the industry. Fuse, she says, is a large part of her success.

“Anybody involved in the mortgage industry, anyone who’s curious about AIME, anyone who’s concerned about this market cycle and knows how important it is to level up should come to Fuse,” she says. “There’s truly something for everyone… every speaker and every panel really tackles something unique.” Jamie points to the fact that Fuse presenters are both highly vetted and highly goal-oriented. They provide real-world skills and processes that can be applied to your own business, and have an immediate impact on your production. “I always leave Fuse with at least four real takeaways I can use,” she says.

Additionally, she says, the networking opportunities are unmatched, with a welcoming, friendly atmosphere that invites collaboration and contact. “I have been to just about every other trade association’s events, many many lender and vendor events, and they’re great – but not one of them has that welcoming, come-join-us feeling that AIME events have.” She says that Fuse has enabled her to make friends and connections that last to this day, and continue to inform and shape her business goals.

Not only are you surrounded by fellow mortgage professionals, says Jamie, but you also have top-of-the-line vendor and lender partners at your fingertips; attending their events can provide you with career-changing networking opportunities and more information about the tools at your disposal. With just four weeks to go, Jamie says “I think this Fuse is going to be really great – I’m looking forward to getting even more value than I have in years past.” 

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