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S2 E3: Disrupting The Real Estate World with Brad Rice Homepie CEO

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Episode: S2 E3: Disrupting The Real Estate World with Brad Rice Homepie CEO
Pub date: 2022-11-11

Brad Rice is the CEO of Amerifund and the Founder and CEO of Homepie. Brad started in the mortgage world in 1993 as a loan originator, then became an owner in 1996 and that lead to the creation of Mortgage Corporation of America, grew it into a 43 state operation. Brad has owned an escrow firm, real estate investment firm, and retail brokerage. Then he repurposed the other companies into Amerifund in 2012.

Brad is forward thinking and action oriented. He shared how he prepared for the inevitable downward cycle in the mortgage world after learning how quickly things can change in the 2008/2009 recession. As a result, Amerifund has handled the rapid rate increases quite well

He got started with Homepie in 2019 as he began to think about the inefecciencies of the real estate world when sellers list and sell their homes and don’t get much value from the listing agent. Pretty quickly, he realized that no one was providing the services and technology that he knew needed to exist.

He shares where he sees Homepie going as the go to place where homeowners can store everything about their home, find services and even find lower rates on insurance one day.

This conversation will make you think differently about adding value as he exemplifies what Dan Sullivan calls and Industry Transformer and the concepts in Joe Polish’s book “What’s In It For Them?”

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