March 2, 2023
6. Tom Mancuso | Overcoming Adversity

Tom Mancuso joins the pod to discuss how a near-death experience helped him find a passion for helping others, and how that’s led him to his current role, helping families achieve homeownership as the branch manager for Amerifund Home Loans’ Peoria, AZ location.

About Tom Mancuso:
A loan officer, a husband, a father, a son, an amputee, an addict. These are all words to describe Tom. To know Tom now, is to see a man that has come so far in life, that you can’t quite believe it all.
Tom’s parents really shaped who he is today. He got his love of cars from his dad, who owned a towing company, body shops and even raced cars. His dad’s work ethic and values were strongly entrenched in him. Family was everything. His mom was an educator, a preschool director for 32 years. She also taught him about hard work and how important family
was too.
When Tom was 21, his father passed away. It left Tom devastated and broken. He turned to drugs and alcohol for relief from the pain. He was in a horrific motorcycle accident that took his leg. He was in prison, lost everything materially. The one thing he didn’t lose, was his hope and his faith that he could turn his life around. It didn’t come overnight. It took years of counseling, years of paying back his debt to society.
Tom married an amazing woman, who could see inside the man he truly was. They’ve started a family, and now he has 2 beautiful boys. He’s clean and sober (well maybe California sober)…and in this new chapter of his life has discovered a gift he has, and that’s to help others see what they can do, if they really put their mind to it. I’ve walked along side Tom, and it is a struggle for him physically. His mind is stronger than his pain. His desire is stronger than his weakness. His will is stronger than just about anything you could put in front of him. His heart is bigger than you could ever imagine. And when you put all of these things together, you get a man that I’m fortunate to call my brother and friend, Tom Mancuso.

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