April 18, 2024
17. Why Kindness Always Wins | Delfino Aguilar

Delfino Aguilar, Chief Production Officer of TPO at Kind Lending joins Brad and Jamie to discuss how creating the right atmosphere and culture can lead to success. 

About Delfino Aguilar:
Delfino Aguilar is a seasoned mortgage industry professional with over 22 years of experience. Serving as the Chief Production Officer of TPO (Third Party Origination) at Kind Lending, Delfino has established himself as a leader in the Wholesale Lending space. For 12-plus years he has worked closely with the CEO and Founder of Kind Lending, Glenn Stearns. His remarkable career trajectory is underscored by his tenure at only three companies, a testament to his expertise, adaptability, and sustainability in an ever-changing mortgage landscape.

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