October 5, 2023
13. Connecting Real Estate Agents With Loan Originators | Brock Cassidy

In this episode of Get Real 411, hosts Brad Rice and Jamie Cavanaugh sit down with Brock Cassidy, the Chief Revenue Officer at Newzip. They delve into Brock's professional journey before joining Newzip and discuss how his innovative approaches are now influencing the real estate and mortgage sectors. Through a thoughtful conversation, they also touch on the ways Newzip is fostering a more creative and innovative space within the industry. Tune in for a blend of personal insights and forward-thinking industry discussions.

About Brock Cassidy:
Brock Cassidy is the Chief Revenue Officer at Newzip, a brokerage-as-a-service platform that integrates with lenders of all sizes to help them offer their clients a white-labeled real estate concierge experience, leading to improved lender conversion, client experience, and revenue.

Prior to joining Newzip, Brock served as Vice President of B2B Partnerships at EasyKnock and Vice President of Product Strategy at Rocket Homes.

Brock has a passion for living at the cutting edge of innovation in the real estate industry, he hosts a weekly LinkedIn Live radio show on industry news and innovation, serves as an advisor to industry startups, and acts as a PropTech Scout Investor for Story Ventures.

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