September 14, 2023
12. Busting Reverse Mortgage Myths | Jeff Foody

On this episode, Jeff Foody of Northwest Reverse Mortgage joins Brad and Jamie to discuss reverse mortgages. With over two decades in the industry, Jeff helps separate Reverse Mortgage fact from fiction.

About Jeff Foody:
Jeff's journey in the reverse mortgage industry began in 2002, at a time when this financial concept was still relatively obscure. Over the years, he has played a pivotal role in the industry's transformation, witnessing the evolution from obscurity to widespread recognition and adoption. Today, thousands of homeowners aged 62 and older are benefiting from the financial opportunities offered by reverse mortgages, and Jeff has been at the forefront of this remarkable change.

Renowned as one of the nation's foremost experts on reverse mortgages, Jeff has made it his mission to educate and inform large audiences about the numerous advantages these financial tools can provide. His passion for the subject is evident in his frequent presentations, where he passionately articulates the benefits of reverse mortgages to eager audiences seeking financial empowerment and security.

In 2019, Jeff took a significant step in his career by establishing his own reverse mortgage brokerage, Northwest Reverse Mortgage. This milestone not only underscores his commitment to the industry but also reflects his dedication to providing tailored solutions and exceptional service to clients seeking financial stability and peace of mind.

Jeff's belief in the transformative power of reverse mortgages is unwavering, a belief so strong that it extends to his own family. Even his parents have embraced and are happily enjoying the advantages of a reverse mortgage, a testament to Jeff's genuine belief in the value these financial instruments can bring to people's lives. Through his expertise, dedication, and personal commitment, Jeff has become a driving force in the reverse mortgage industry, empowering countless individuals and families to unlock the full potential of their financial futures.

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