July 6, 2023
10. Leading With Purpose | Eddy G Perez Jr

On this episode, Eddy G Perez Jr, President and CEO of EPM joins the pod to discuss his upbringing as a first generation Cuban American, how he got into the mortgage industry, his journey to founding EPM, and more. 

About Eddy G Perez Jr:
Eddy Perez Jr. is a first-generation Cuban American who’s worked hard to create opportunity and empower others in everything he does. Eddy believes home buying is the great American gift because with a home, we can create freedom and empowerment for every single person.

Eddy’s father was on the Cuban national baseball team and arrived in Miami in 1964 after spending three days at sea, rowing from Cuba to freedom. He was homeless the first week in this country. With some kindness from the community and an entrepreneurial mindset, Eddy’s father bootstrapped and created his own construction business. Eddy was able to see firsthand what freedom of mind, spirit, and career can do in someone’s life.

From experience with accounting, to finance, and the stock market, after the dot-com crash somebody told Eddy he should try mortgages so, a loan officer he became at ‘Mortgage Now’ and then mortgage broker with ‘Global Mortgage’ where he operated the top producing office and closed over 3,000 loans.

With a bigger opportunity in sight Equity Prime Mortgage (EPM) as a brokerage in 2008 was born. Today, EPM is a national lender with a mission to empower people more and create an even playing field across the board in the home buying experience.

Eddy is an avid learner and says from his Father he has learned what it means to be a man, to be a father, and to be a friend. From his Mother, he has learned tenacity, grit, and courage. Eddy believes this is the perfect recipe to what has shaped him today and with those traits he strives every day to be 1% better than the day before.

Eddy is a true family man at heart and says his wife, Shannon and three beautiful Children, Gracie, Tripp, and Emery are more important to him than oxygen. When he is not in the boardroom strategizing with his team and advisors alike, he is soaking every minute with his “Big 4.”

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