Meet The Hosts

Brad Rice

Brad Rice is a native Southern Californian. Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, he relocated to Simi Valley when he got married in 1993. Brad started his college years at San Diego State University, but ultimately received his BS degree in Finance with a minor in Real Estate from California State University Northridge. Now he finds happiness in the achievements of his independent adult children who visit regularly and enjoy their time spent outdoors together at their lake residence while wake surfing and other water sports.

Jamie Cavanaugh

Jamie Cavanaugh is the President at Amerifund Home Loans, Inc. Jamie’s ability to combine over 20 years of industry expertise in operations, sales, business efficiencies, and vendor services through the eyes of an originator makes her a sought-after advisor in the industry. Over the course of her career Jamie has broken through the barriers of many glass ceilings to sit on executive leadership teams and has held executive board positions at companies like Bank of America, Countrywide, Prospect Mortgage and Mortgage Corporation of America, Inc. Her diversified experience includes compliance, origination, credit risk, post- closing and secondary marketing management.

About The Show

Get Real 411 follows Brad Rice and Jamie Cavanaugh as they explore the worlds of real estate and mortgage to learn even more than they already have in the decades they’ve spent working in the industry. 


Q. Who should listen to Get Real 411?

A. Everyone! Whether you’re a member of the real estate world or someone who owns a home or one day might want to, we’re creating this show with you in mind. We want Get Real 411 to be a source of information for all.

Q. Where can I listen to Get Real 411? 

A. Get Real 411 is available right here on our website as well as on all major podcast platforms, and full episodes are available on Youtube. You can find direct links to our show on most platforms at the “Subscribe Now” button in the bottom right corner of this page, and if we’re not already listed on your preferred podcatcher, please email and we’ll work on getting listed.

Q. When are episodes released? 

A. Episodes are not released on a specific schedule at this time so please subscribe on your favorite podcatcher to be notified when we release an episode

Q. Is there a cost to subscribe?

A. No. Subscribing is completely free and you can unsubscribe anytime (but why would you want to?)

Q. Can I be a guest on the podcast? Can I have Brad or Jamie on my podcast? 

A. Please email for more information.